3 Places to Take Photos on Your Dance Daze Dance Board This Spring

If you've been around for a while, you know that Dance Daze Dance Boards Co-founder Saumirah loves a fun, quick, outdoor photo shoot on her portable dance floors.

In fact, when she and Jeff first started the business back in 2020, they made sure to spend time having a few photo shoots around town in Sacramento, California, where they make the dance boards.

Below are 3 tips for places to take photos if you're planning on bringing out your dance board for a photo shoot this spring.

1. In Front of Cool Garage Doors: Saumirah absolutely loved this red garage on a wide street in Midtown, Sacramento. She'd wanted to take a photo in front of it for a long time and finally got the chance one day when Jeff was her photographer! We like the sold color of the garage door, the shape of the building for adding some character to a zoomed-out photo, and the in-the-street look for a "diamond in the rough" effect for the background space.


2. On a College Campus: Many college campuses have great grassy areas that are open for the public to use! In the fall of 2020, Jeff and Saumirah had an iPhone photo shoot at a local campus. They loved the background of trees, leaves, and grass that the campus provided. However, it was tricky working with shadows on a fall afternoon! The sun was great for that Golden Hour glow, but the shadows were coming in strong during this photo shoot!

3. In Alleyways: I'm not sure how it is where you live, but many big cities have areas of town with alleys or space between buildings, which often are decorated with incredible graffiti art or painted murals.

If you have any additional tips, be sure to drop the in a comment or send them to us at info@dancedaze.org. Happy dancing!

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