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What's the difference between each of our dance boards?

Each of the 5 dance boards we offer is a different size in diameter and a different weight, ranging from 3 to 16 pounds. Our 2 small dance boards are The Jet Setter (23 inches in diameter; 3 pounds; will come with a carrying case beginning in March of 2022!) and The Cosmopolitan (28 inches in diameter; 5 pounds). Our 3 large boards boards are The Manhattan (32.5 inches in diameter; 7 pounds), The District (38.5 inches in diameter; 10 pounds), and The Sacramento (45 inches in diameter; 16 pounds).

Please click the image of each board and read the "FEATURES" section to learn how each board is unique from the others. Please also read through the text when you click on each dance board to learn more about what materials we use to make the boards, expected shipping times, shipping costs, and more. Email any questions you have about our products to info@dancedaze.org.

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Learn More About Our Best Selling Dance Board: The Jet Setter

At 23 inches in diameter, The Jet Setter by Dance Daze Dance Boards is the smallest and most affordable round, sprung, wooden dance board currently available on the market! This dance board is (and all of our dance boards are) handmade, using only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified wood, which means that the wood we use is NOT lumbered from sacred or indigenous lands. Our Jet Setter weighs only 3 lbs., and it is a sprung floor that helps reduce injury and fatigue when you’re dancing on it. Learn more about this fantastic dance board by clicking HERE or by clicking the "Full details" link below.

The Jet Setter

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We will deliver any Dance Daze Dance Board™ to your doorstep at NO ADDITIONAL COST if the address you provide at checkout is within 50 miles of Sacramento, California, USA.

Please note: Local delivery works with Shop Pay, but does not work with other accelerated checkouts, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal. If you choose an an accelerated checkout method other than Shop Pay in the first step of checkout, you will not have Local Delivery as a shipping option and will only have the option to have your packages shipped with our regular shipping rates.

Please email info@dancedaze.org with any questions about shipping and delivery.


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