I used to worry about this.

Every single photo of me posing on a Dance Daze Dance Board

is outside. On top of that, I only have a few videos, likely amounting to fewer than 20 seconds in all, showing me dancing on one of my boards indoors.

And maybe that would be alright, except that our dance boards function perfectly well indoors as much as they do outdoors. And, when I talk about DDDB, our passion for spreading positivity, our desire to celebrate color and diversity, and our fantastic, handmade products, I want to tell everyone about all of the benefits.

So, for a long time, it really bothered me that my reality is as it is: I really don't like the idea of people anywhere in the world (shoutout to DDDB stans overseas following on IG!) seeing me dance in my kitchen or living room. And, despite what most people in the world (I'm sure) would believe, considering that I post on social media just about 7 days per week and occasionally multiple times per day, and definitely across 5 to 10 accounts, I like to keep many pieces of my little life private. Even when I'm being vulnerable, it's selective vulnerability, and information I'd be comfortable sharing with a polite stranger. Though my skilled and developed voice for writing copy on social media might often feel like I'm revealing my darkest secrets, that's simply not the case.

So, I used to worry that being protective of my living space would be a hindrance to growing my business. I've actually spent a significant amount of time working to determine places where I could showcase the many uses of a Dance Daze Dance Board™ indoors.

I considered renting space in hotel conference rooms or bringing my boards when going to stay at Airbnbs. (Okay, I've done the Airbnb thing. And I think that idea is genius, but I normally don't want to create dance content while I'm on vacation!) The truth is: 1) That wasn't authentic enough for me and 2) I simply hadn't yet discovered the truth of the situation.

And the truth of the situation is: While our boards are great for using indoors--on carpet, on hard wood, on tile, on linoleum, or even on top of Marley floors in a dance studio--they're SUPER DURABLE and EASY TO USE OUTSIDE.

That's it. That's the truth. That's what makes us different.

I've kept my Dance Daze Dance Boards™ in hot cars for hours, danced on each of my personal boards REGULARLY in 80+ degree weather, on top of mud, over tree roots, etc., and they're STILL GOOD TO GO.

And, I've decided: THAT'S what I want to stress to y'all.

I'm not necessarily saying we're the Jeep of dance boards (I mean . . . personally, I'd probably say we're more like the Range Rover! ;) but we might just be.

So feel free to use our boards indoors because they'll be great that way. But also, try them out on grass, mud, sand, in snow, on dirt, and on top of all the outdoor surfaces in which you come into contact when you want to dance! 

If Whitney was every woman, we want to be every board. Meaning: We want you to really be able to bring us ANYWHERE you'll be dancing. And that's definitely a truth we can live with.

More later, friends!

Keep #DancingColorfully!


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