My (Monday) Morning Routine

As an entrepreneur and content creator (and you know: that's not even half of the hats I wear!), most of my days vary greatly. But my Monday Morning Routine is very consistent, and I absolutely love it that way.

Keep reading for a "morning routine" blog post that focuses on one day of the week for me -- because one day is the most routine that I've got!

Each Monday, I like to wake up around 6:00 am or 6:30 am. I occasionally post content from bed this early (because I'm always trying different things to play with the algorithm!). But usually, I spend about 20 minutes laying in bed and being on social media. (NOTE: Not recommended behavior for good mental health. Do something other than get on social media when you first wake up in the morning!)

Next, I typically let my dogs out, shower, then do a few household chores. (I hate dealing with these things as an actual part of my day, so I like getting them out of the way early so that I can enjoy the rest of what I've dubbed "Monday Funday.")

After my shower, I make coffee, make my partner's lunch for the day (tidbit: I love being domestic; not saying that sarcastically), take out the trash and recycling for the week, then load and run the dishwasher. Often, but not always, I'll also start dinner this early -- just something simple, such as putting chicken in the oven to bake or rice in the rice cooker. I also walk my dogs every Monday morning.

After the above, I'll typically start my social media marketing for the day, spending time posting content that I've already created from the previous week on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Posting and engaging with our Dance Daze Dance Boards audience usually takes a few hours.

After this, I'll usually spend some time working on things for the Dance Daze Dance Boards Brand Ambassador Program, such as sharing information about the latest trends on Instagram and TikTok, reviewing new ambassador applications, or responding to any emails or DMs about the program. Or, I'll take a break for coffee and toast for breakfast. (I do enjoy always eating breakfast of some kind, but I usually keep breakfast fairly light!)

After this, I'll usually either work on projects outside of Dance Daze Dance Boards (e.g., some volunteer marketing I do for a nonprofit organization), take a break, and maybe do some grocery shopping for the week.

This is usually how all of my Monday mornings go!

Do you have a day of the week or a time of the day that is significantly more structured than others? If so, tell me about it in a comment! I'd love to hear.

Chat soon, friend!


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