The Importance of Goal Setting

Is there something you want to accomplish but you can't seem to find the motivation? Do you have an interest in doing something, but, besides your own happiness, there doesn't really seem to be a point? If you find yourself in this situation, maybe you should set a goal.

The goal should be related to what you actually want to accomplish and have some sort of added benefit--maybe even an external benefit if that will be rewarding for you--in addition to your original reason.

Why set a goal? Well, there are several reasons.

First, having a goal motivates us more than not having one. When we have a goal toward which we are working, we are more likely to be energized toward accomplishing the goal and to develop strategies that will lead us to success.

Second, having a set goal toward which we are working may cause us to be more motivated because we will view the goal as an attainable challenge. Additionally, successfully reaching goals helps us to develop a mindset of winning, which can improve our overall self-efficacy, or our belief in our capacity to accomplish difficult tasks.

Third, goal-setting can help provide direction in life. Research shows that those who set goals, even if they do not write down their goals, are significantly more likely to become more successful in life than those who never set goals for themselves.

So, are these facts motivating you to set some goals for yourself? If so, what are some goals you have in mind? Remember, your goals can be small or big. You can set goals for daily, weekly, or monthly plans or even annual tasks that you want to accomplish. Let me know what goal you'll be setting next for yourself in the comments!

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