The Story Behind the Dance Daze Dance Boards Brand

Every brand has a story, right?

Following is a bit of the story of Dance Daze Dance Boards.

After the pandemic hit, and after we knew that it was going to last a little longer than we may have originally believed, Dance Daze Dance Boards founder Saumirah McWoodson had gotten into the habit of creating free digital content for kids every week. She was reading stories and creating educational movement videos (find these on YouTube!) and she was even doing a weekly Instagram Live Ballet Barre class every Monday night. Additionally, Saumirah even started a fully virtual dance program, called Dance Daze Online for which she eventually recorded nearly 100 dance classes for children ages 2 to 10 between April of 2020 and March of 2021.

It became a weekly tradition for Saumirah to get dressed for her IG Live. At first, it was just a piece of old wood that had been previously used to prop open a gate in the driveway. That's what Saumirah would tap dance on. And for other movement videos, Saumirah would typically record inside, in an open room.

But the lighting wasn't great, and Saumirah was pretty uncomfortable with showing all the different rooms of her house. So those indoor dance videos that she recorded inside, at home were pretty limited.

One day, a friend of Saumirah's said, "You know, I could make you a nice dance board if you want."

He did, and Saumirah began using that first dance board every single week.

They got a few inquiries about the board Saumirah was using, but, moreso what inspired Saumirah to start Dance Daze Dance Baords was the opportunity to continue creating (but in a completely new way, as a product business owner!) and to continue spreading joy and positivity in an unprecedented time.

Saumirah had previously done that in her work with teaching young children (typically ages 2 to 10) with Dance Daze, Inc., but she wanted the opportunity to reach larger audiences--like teens and adults, and really, anyone who was doing their best, as was she, to cope with the pandemic by moving and creating.

So one day, Saumirah asked if she could have 100 dance boards cut! (The number was negotiated down to 40. ;)

And thus, Dance Daze Dance Boards was born!

What questions do you have about our brand? Leave them in a comment or feel free to email Saumirah directly:

Chat soon, friends!

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