Why I'm Already Planning My Next Vacation

Let's than two weeks ago, I was in the city (of San Francisco, to be exact) for a quick weekend getaway.

Though my weekend was filled with hikes and sight-seeing, it was still a vacation for me. But, more importantly, it was an experience of being in an environment that it outside of my regularly scheduled programming that helped to re-invigorate my creativity.

That's one of the many reasons that I love traveling. (Side note: I finally let myself watch The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix, and let's just say, I intend to be traveling a little farther than across the bridge to SF in 2022!)

Besides getting to experience different people and different cultures (YES, even going from Sacramento, California to San Francisco, California, the cultures are completely different - ask anyone who's lived in both places!), I love exposing my mind to all of the newness around me. Research shows that intentionally placing oneself in different environments helps us to think more creatively. As someone who's both researching creativity and who's running a company that has a goal of inspiring creative practice for others, that's definitely something I need more of in my life!

Now, to be clear, I was born in SF, and I've spent many, many days, nights, weekends, hours of my life roaming around that beautiful city. But, just like all the great cities, it gives me something entirely different every single time.

So, I'm already planning a day trip return to San Francisco. I'm also planning a first visit to Bali. I'll tell you what other stops I'm adding to my travel list after I watch more episodes of that Netflix show.

Chat soon!

Saumirah McWoodson

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