Why People Love THE DISTRICT Dance Daze Dance Board

One of our most popular dance boards is The District. (This board is also Co-founder Saumirah McWoodson's favorite board!)

We know this is one of our best sellers for many reasons! Not only is The District one of our sprung portable dance floors, but--with a diameter of 38.5 inches--our District dance board is the largest circular sprung dance board in the market.

Though the surface area of this board is so large (and perfect for doing a virtual ballet class or for practicing a variety of tap dance combinations!), it only weighs 10 pounds!

With the size and weight of this this incredible board, it is portable enough to bring along to dance competitions or to have backstage at a dance recital. Additionally, The District is small enough to fit in the corner of a bedroom or in the living room for your home dance studio.

Finally, unlike some dance boards, Dance Daze Dance Boards are created to be used on ALL surfaces. We have tested our boards on sidewalks, grass, on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors, and our boards are able to be used on any of these surfaces!

If you're a mover and shaker, a ballet dancer, a tap dancer, a pre-professional dancer, a recreational dancer, or simply someone who loves dancing and doing good, we hope you'll join our community!

You can find our boards at DanceDazeDanceBoards.com and you can apply to join our Brand Ambassador program at DanceDazeDanceBoards.com/Ambassadors.

Please also join us on Instagram: @DanceDazeDanceBoards


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