3 Tips for Using Dance Daze Dance Boards for Dancing at Home

We love that our dance boards can be used indoors or outdoors, on a variety of surfaces. Dance Daze Dance Boards can be used on carpet, tile, hard wood, linoleum, on grass, dirt, or pavement, and more!

Below are a few tips for using Dance Daze Dance Boards for improving your dance technique.

Use Our Jet Setter Board for Spins

Our smallest board -- The Jet Setter -- is great for practicing non-traveling movements. For example, The Jet Setter is perfect for improving balancing on one leg, spins, and illusion tricks.

Use a Sprung Board for Jumping or Tap Dancing

Our sprung dance boards are great for practicing non-locomotive jumps and for tap dancing. Our sprung Dance Daze Dance Boards -- The Manhattan and The District -- help to absorb the force that comes when landing jumps and help to reduce the injury and fatigue that can come with tap dancing for hours straight.

Clean Your Dance Board After Each Use

If you're using your Dance Daze Dance Board for pointe work and put rosin on your board to prevent slipping or if you're dancing outside and get dirt on your board, we recommend cleaning it after each use. Also, tap dancers might be able to better prevent an accumulation of scuff marks on the boards with regularly cleaning the board after using it.

We recommend using any regular household cleaning spray and a clean rag or paper towels to clean your dance board. We recommend a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for attempting to get out more serious marks. Indentations that come from tapping on the board won't be able to be wiped off and these kinds of marks can be expected with regular use.

Create A Special Space for Dancing

One we thing we love about our dance boards is that they can be used to create sacred spaces for dancing, whether that's at home, at the studio, or--in the case of a pandemic--in a a park or even in a parking lot! With just a dance board and a ballet barre (or a chair or the edge of a counter top that acts as a ballet barre) you have all you need for your home dance studio.

When bringing your Dance Daze Dance Board to a park for photo shoots, the board can act as a place holder to designate the specific space you will be using to move and pose for your photos.

In a front or backyard (DDDB co-founder Saumirah McWoodson's favorite place to use her dance boards!), a dance board, a ballet barre (or a chair!), and a laptop computer with a wifi connection can help you have an excellent home dance class in an outdoor environment.



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