Dance Daze Dance Boards 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Dance Daze Dance Boards, we're definitely more interested in creating moments than we are in giving gifts. HOWEVER, there's some cool stuff out there right now that you should definitely consider buying for yourself or for the dancers you know and love! 

Keep reading to check out our 2021 holiday gift recommendations!

Jasome Samuels Smith Tap Shoes in BlueJason Samuels Smith Tap Shoes

For the tap dancer in your life, we are loving the Jason Samuels Smith tap shoes from Bloch! Dance Daze Dance Boards co-founder Saumirah has them in white, but you can also get them in black, burgundy, or blue, with or without a patent finish. (We think the blue ones are super awesome.) Saumirah says they have a nice heavy feel to them and are perfect for using on her Dance Daze Dance Boards.

PerfectFit Pointe Shoe InsertsPerfectFit Pointe Shoe Inserts

For the ballerinas, we have heard wonderful things about PerfectFit molds that allow you to quickly and easily create your own custom pointe shoe inserts! They have lots of tutorial videos online that show how simple it is to create your perfect mold.

Point People Pointe Shoe Paint

Darjeeling Pointe Shoe Paint from Pointe PeopleWhile many pointe shoe brands are now offering shoes in a variety of skin colors, which help to create a more elongated line for ballet dancers and to support dancers of all skin tones feeling comfortable in their own natural nude color, another option for having pointe shoes in different colors is Pointe People's Pointe Paint. With colors ranging from aqua and indigo to skin tone colors like buttermilk and garam masala, they offer something for every dancer.

Extreme Blister Cushions from Walgreens

Extreme Blister Cushions from WalgreensIf you haven't yet found the right pair of dance shoes altogether, or if you like wearing your pointe shoes or tap shoes without tights or dance socks, Saumirah recently discovered Extreme Blister Cushions from Walgreens. They're affordable, long-lasting (at least about 48 hours in Saumirah's experience, if they're placed well and sometimes over-lapping for extra hold on your heel), and feel like a second skin. They can be placed on the back of the foot or heel for extra protection when you're dancing in shoes that perhaps don't exactly fit or in shoes that tend to cause a little friction at the back.

The District Dance Board from

For practicing tap, pointe, ballet technique, turns, and even some non-locomotor jumps, we absolutely love The District dance board from Dance Daze Dance Boards! It is one of our sprung boards, which means it contains foam padding on the bottom to help reduce shock, injury, and fatigue. We recently changed the pattern of the foam on the bottom of our sprung floors so that they're even more balanced and provide more stability for dancers. Finally, as with all Dance Daze Dance Boards, The District is made with FSC Certified wood, which means the wood comes from forests where the environmental impact is reduced and never from sacred, protected, or indigenous land.

Inspirational Dancewear

We love being a brand that celebrates color, diversity, and positivity, and we want our merch to do the same. Our "Dance Well Do Good" unisex fleece pullover sweatshirts, in light and dark colors, are lightweight, comfortable, and have that classic look that's perfect for wearing on campus or to the studio. They're also a nice reminder to spend your days working hard as a dancer and to simultaneously use your art to put good into the world.

What gifts are you hoping to give (to yourself or others!) or receive this holiday season? Let us know in a comment or in a message on social media!

Until next time, keep Dancing Colorfully!

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