What inspires you to work?

I love working. More specifically, I love spending time thinking, then using my freshly-generated ideas to create a new reality.

I'm someone who's highly motivated by a sense of responsibility, so when my work allows me to feel that I have the power to positively impact lives through my words, actions, or tangible creations, I'm given an indescribable sense of reward.

What I love most about the work that I'm currently doing, though, is that I am working tirelessly and fearlessly to live the life of my dreams. Each day, I am working to be as happy as I can possibly be. Additionally, this way of living allows me to continually consider others. My happiest of happy vision always, somehow, includes other people.

Though I was greatly affected by all of the horrible moments that happened in 2020, and though I'm quite certain my anxiety reached and remains at a high level since last year, I was also deeply reminded of the brevity of life. And thus, I am unquestioningly working to live--whether in joy or in sorrow--to the point of tears, as Camus recommends.

So, when I think about what makes me feel happy, safe, and secure, I am simultaneously faced with questions of what will allow me to be the most loving and the most giving to others, while remaining true to my personal convictions. (For example, I prioritize my own mental and physical safety over fulfilling the wants or expectations of others.)

It is likely true that it is both a blessing and a curse to feel that my own happiness is inextricably tied to the wellness of others. However, if that's at the foundation of what motivates me to do my work each day, and to do good work at that, then I'll take it.

This isn't a blog about motivation. But I'll ask the question anyway: What motivates you to do your work each day? (And, on a related note: What do you consider to be the difference between inspiration and motivation?)

Until next time, friends, keep #dancingcolorfully!


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