Why Do We Make All of Our Dance Boards With Sustainable Wood?

First, you may be wondering: What is "sustainable wood"? When we speak about the wood we use to create our dance boards being sustainable, we are referring to the way in which the wood is sourced. Sustainably-sourced wood comes from forests where logging is minimized and animal habits are protected and preserved.

You may have seen us post on social media about how the wood we use for our dance boards is 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified. This means that the wood we use comes from forests that are responsibly managed and that are used to benefit the environment and society.

When you purchase Dance Daze Dance Boards, which are made from FSC Certified wood, you are supporting sustainable forest management, protecting wildlife habitats, and reducing the emission of greenhouse greenhouse gases.

Additionally, all FSC Certified forests are required to prioritize the rights of indigenous people and their land, and all FSC certificate holders must ensure that forced labor, child labor, and discrimination in employment are eliminated and abolished.

We want you to improve your technique, build your confidence, and have fun while using your Dance Daze Dance Boards. But we also want you to know that you're using a product that is made with you, other humans, and animals in mind. We want you to DANCE WELL and DO GOOD right along with us.

If you're doing good for the world--by volunteering, donating, mentoring, and more--be sure to use the hashtag #DanceWellDoGood so that we can see your hard work and share it on social media!

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